Sources of Tasty and Inexpensive Vegetarian Recipes

One way to stick to a budget on a vegetarian diet is to have a lot of recipes available to try. Cooking from scratch is almost always going to be cheaper than buying prepared food, not to mention way healthier. Let’s look at some different ways you can find tasty and inexpensive vegetarian recipes to try with your family.


There are so many websites that can help you cook healthy, budget-friendly vegetarian recipes but these are just three of them. There are so many more. You can even find groups on Facebook that are devoted to sharing budget-friendly vegetarian recipes.

* Budget Bytes – This website has delicious recipes for all types of diets designed for small budgets. You can see the vegetarian meals here. They even give you the price per serving so it’s all broken down for you.

Link –

* Plant-Based on a Budget – This site is devoted to helping you prepare plant-based meals (meaning vegan) on a budget. You can see many recipes, buy their book, and more. They break it all down for you so that you can save money, eat better, and live healthier.


* – This site is packed with information about eating healthy on a budget and includes the vegetarian diet in their plans. You can get meal plans, recipes, and more from this site, all devoted to saving money and eating vegetarian. You can start with this free produce recipe list.

Link –


If you like being able to find a recipe while you’re shopping, these apps will help you a lot. You can look up any type of recipe that you want with these easy-to-use apps.

* The Vegetarian Society – They have a great app for getting recipes that are vegetarian, including budget-friendly choices. You can download the app on Google Play, Amazon Apps, and in the Apple App Store.

Link –

* One Green Planet – They have an app that has many different types of vegan recipes. You can always add dairy to the recipes to make them vegetarian. They even have gluten-free recipes. In fact, they have over 10K recipes, so you are sure to be able to find some that fit your needs and your budget.

Link –

* Purely Vegan Recipes – You can get these recipes from the App Store and have instant access to many budget-friendly vegetarian recipes to help you cook healthy on a budget for your family. They also have great images of the recipes on Pinterest that you can look at to see what you might want to cook for dinner tonight.

Link –


If you’re old school, cookbooks are the way to go. In fact, there are still many cookbooks for all types of food that you can use to stick to a budget. You can find them at the library, at used book stores, via Kindle Unlimited, and used via the Amazon Store.

* Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Throughout the Year. – This cookbook has easy-to-make recipes using normal ingredients and nothing processed (expensive) or tricky. This is a highly recommended cookbook and a best seller.


* The $5 a Meal College Vegetarian Cookbook: Good, Cheap Vegetarian Recipes for When You Need to Eat (Everything Books) – Even if you’re not a college student, this is a great cookbook to have on hand for simple meals that don’t cost a lot.

Link –

* The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook: 100 Down-Home Recipes for the Modern Table – You can’t go wrong with this cookbook. Southern food is very flavorful and if you’re new to eating vegetarian, it’s a great choice due to the high flavors packed in these easy-to-make budget-friendly recipes.

Link –

The best thing to do is to keep it simple. Look for recipes with fewer ingredients that can be sourced locally and from almost any store. They’ll cost less, taste better, and make cooking and preparing food for your family a lot less trouble.

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